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We offer small business computer support in singapore, providing all the computer services your business requires to run at peak efficiency.

We understand that a small business companies can have different and more demanding needs than average customer. You require someone to fix your computer as soon as a problem occurs, you also need someone you can contact even if you just have a simple query. Most importantly you don’t want a different technician coming to work on your computers each time you need them to be fixed. It takes time to be familiar with the layout of a business network and it’s setup. If you have to deal with a different technician each and every time, it could end up costing you a lot of time and money.

Small Business Computer Support

NAS Backup Solution

Todays’s businesses are driven by digital information. The amount of information that business users store and administer grows every single day, and data often needs to be accessed constantly. Offering a backup solution for your data, we introduce to you NAS (Network Attached Storage). It is designed to store, share and protect your data.

The information is backed up to network attached storage at a specific timeline configured and the files are sent over the network. Given the ever decreasing cost of disks, it is now more practical and cost effective to backup large amount of computers on to a network attached storage.

The utilization of network attached storage could provide outlined savings of thousands of dollars to businesses as it contrasts to the enterprise solutions available today.


Regular maintenance for all computers is necessary to ensure a trouble-free usage. It is not just business computers that require maintenance, it is essential to keep your home personal computer serviced and maintained regularly to aid reducing any risk of data loss.

Each computer constantly changes from time to time, older software is updated, newer applications are installed and disk storage is being used at all times. Any one of these variations could potentially cause an issue. As if that’s not sufficient to worry about, computers linked to networks such as the internet, wireless networks or business networks are exposed to the additional risks caused by poor security.

We can provide you or your business with regular computer maintenance which minimizes the probability of something going off-beam. We will ensure that your computer is updated with the latest versions of software, operating system patches and that the appropriate level of security is employed.

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