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Desktop Services

Building a custom set of pc just for your needs

Ever wondered what to buy? What kind of system do you need? How much would you need to spent? We provide the answer to your questions, customizing a pc just for you. The word “Customize” sounds expensive but its a whole new experience with us, a budget system could be cheaper then what you would expect, a highest end graphic rendering system might cost more then what you have in your mind. From basic home entertainment to office work. Budget system, affordable gaming system to a rendering designer’s system. We'd build anything for you.

Software fix/tune up

Have you notice that your programs running slower then usual? Over a period of time program softwares tend to develop problems which will corrupt important work and files without any faulty component in the hardwares. We will resolve all your computing issues, hence regaining smooth and uninterrupted computing operations will be a breeze.

Virus/spyware/malware removal

Have you been experiencing slow startups, random auto restarts, files opens very slowly/not at all or missing files in your computer? A virus infection could lead to these symptoms and compromises security of your datas. We provide in-depth cleansing of viruses, malware and spywares

Blue screen of death

The blue screen of death. It is officially known as a stop error, most of the time its hardware and driver related. We will provide a detailed diagnostics to pin down where the fault lies without compromising your data.

Solid state drive, hard drive upgrade/replacement

If you’re looking for an upgrade of speed or capacity, we can do that for you here. If you’re looking for speed, we introduce you on solid state drives, with no spinning mechanism it carries up to 550mb/s read/write speed on flash memory. Providing you with a huge boost to your system operations, surpassing traditional hard drives. But if you’re looking for capacity, we have single 3.5” hard drives that spec up to 3 terabyte of storage. We can retain all your current data to a new clean operating system or even preserving the exact existing system that you have while upgrading to a new disk drive.

Ram upgrade/replacement

Is your pc slow on running multiple programs at once? What we can do for you is simply upgrade your current ram (random access memory). The process on upgrading of ram can be done within 15 minutes on the spot. We have single modules of 1, 2, 4 and even 8 gigabytes.

Power supply unit replacement

Power supply unit often gives way when your system is underpowered, or when the fan of your unit goes bad, its unable to cool down the power supply hence the device will heat up and malfunction. We have a range of 450 watts to 1500 watts to match with any kind of desktop system.

building a custom set of pc just for your needs

software fix/tune up

virus/spyware/malware removal

blue screen of death

solid state drive, hard drive upgrade/replacement

graphic card upgrade/replacement

ram upgrade/replacement

power supply unit replacement

blu-ray/dvd-rw drive replacement

fan upgrade/replacement

Blu-ray/dvd-rw drive replacement

If your disc drive fails to read or write discs, we can replace it for you. We have blu-ray and dvd rewritable drives for your needs.

Fan upgrade/replacement

Overheating issues, fan error on system, fan getting noisier then before or it auto shuts down after 5-30 minutes of usage. These are common indications of the fan being faulty. We offer fan service/upgrade/replacement for all kinds of desktop systems. We also have water cooling system for the enthusiast.

Graphic card upgrade/replacement

Graphic card are needed in a system for processing accelerate rendering of 3D scenes and 2D graphics. Its also called GPU (graphical processing unit), which contains its own memory and processor to run high definition image details. This is essential for a system meant for gaming and designing purposes.